Thursday, March 16, 2017

2309 N. Broad St.: We Resist Scarcity (3.12.17)

Season: Lent: What We Need to Resist

Talk: We Resist Scarcity

Speaker: Jonny Rashid

Why is resisting a loaf of bread transformative? Jesus moves away from temptation, something as basic as a loaf of bread, in order to rely on God. There’s more to how Jesus saves us than the material wealth he provides us, Jesus’ resistance of the loaf symbolizes that he’s not just interested in feeding the poor, but undoing the system that perpetuates poverty. “When the values of Jesus’ upside-down Kingdom become our bread of life, the economic institutions of society lose their grip.”

3800 Marlton Pike: The Antidote to Loneliness (3.12.17)

Season: Lent: What We Need to Resist

Talk: The Antidote to Loneliness

Speaker: Rod White

For Lent, how about we face our loneliness, like Jesus out in the wilderness? Rod comes with the bad news that we will never completely get over being lonely. But he also has good news, that our restless longing keeps us on track toward home and toward being our true selves. He lays out how we are getting even lonelier in the postmodern world. Then he convinces us that Jesus and his church are an antidote to poisonous self-sufficiency. He finishes up by encouraging us to turn our loneliness into solitude, so we stay connected to God all the way home.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

3800 Marlton Pike: We resist our appetites (3.5.17)

Season: Lent: What We Need to Resist

Talk: We resist our appetites

Speaker: Ben White

Lent is about resisting the status quo--both personal patterns inside and oppressive forces outside. Lent is 40 days for slowing down so that business will not happen as usual. Jesus needed to do this at the beginning of his ministry, why wouldn’t we follow his example? In this message, Ben White focuses on Jesus’ hunger in Matthew 4:1-2. We too need to become hungry to see what we devour? On the personal level, it could be the people in our relationships, and the environment on a political level. If Jesus is enough at the center of us, we can let our imperfect intimates be “good enough”, and we can have the hope we need to keep saying “enough is enough” to the powers.

2007 Frankford Ave.: We resist our appetites (3.5.17)

Season: Lent: What We Need to Resist

Talk: We resist our appetites

Speakers: Joshua Grace

Our appetites can be normal and healthy. They can be warped and conditioned unconsciously. We can also allow God to touch them, making our transformed appetite into a great teacher. When resisting the appetites of voracious environmental destroyers, we can’t stop with resisting the drilling companies, we have to address the tens of millions of people who require fast, cheap energy to maintain our lifestyles. Fasting can help us get our appetites from being our boss to helping us connect with God.

2007 Frankford Ave.: Jesus submerged in us (2.19.17)

Talk: Jesus submerged in us

Speakers: Rod White

It is all about the WATER stage of the way of Jesus. In the scene of John's baptism of Jesus, it might be tempting to look up and receive the long-for affirmation of God while overlooking the fact that Jesus is still in the water with us. Jesus wants to be immersed in us as much as he wants us to be immersed in him. This talk ends with a call to get wet by finding new ways to invite the Lord into the deep and dark parts of us, even as we follow him in the spirit of his baptism, which moves into the deep and dark places of humanity.

1125 S. Broad St.: He does the impossible, namely forgiveness (2.19.17)

Season: What's So Special About Jesus?

Talk: He does the impossible, namely forgiveness

Speaker: Rachel Sensenig

Monday, February 13, 2017

3800 Marlton Pike: Stand firm, not alone (2.12.17)

Season: Let's do something new

Talk: Stand firm, not alone

Speaker: Ben White

Our political climate has generated a new awareness. Oh, we ARE part of something bigger. Oh, things can happen that are not the same? Christians have known this. We ought to be excited about this new awareness. We need recruits for our movement because there are even bigger fish to fry than the political potentates. There are forces of darkness that need the full armor of God (Ephesians 6:10-17) and troops side by side to face it. Just one of the way that the powers of darkness are attacking us is by dividing us. Staying together, in each other’s lives, helping one another, horning in even, is our counter strategy. We do it best in cells. Our Sunday meetings also are an opportunity to stand firm together.